Students selected as PAM mentors serve an important role in guiding mentees through their first year of university life. They're a part of the PAM community, and have the opportunity to meet new students and build new friendships.

Mentors also have opportunities to expand and improve their leadership, mentoring, counseling, and advising skills. They are responsible for guiding their mentees by recommending University services and office contacts, encouraging participation in events and organizations, and sharing their personal experiences while spending quality time together. They often take on leadership roles within PAM, organize events and manage activity budgets, and encourage engagement among their mentees and students in their family cluster.

Ideal mentor candidates demonstrate a desire to help other students adjust to the University setting and have the ability to advise on all facets of college life. Mentors are strong academically and may have prior experience in a guiding role model position. If selected, mentors must engage mentees in fun and meaningful activities that facilitate bonding in a positive environment.