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PAM Awards, 2016-2017

Mentor of the Year: Julian Butler

Mentee of the Year: Ran Yan

Cluster of the Year: Cluster 13

Many thanks to co-chairs Daniela Amador, Phasut Amarnani, Julian Butler, Cecelia Esterline, Free (Afreya) Henderson, George (Georgios) Katsiotis, Haley Lin, Zachary Stewart, Meg Stomski, Meron Tarekegn, Rosanna Thai, and Julie (Xinyi) Zhu for their diligent efforts in coordinating PAM activities throughout this academic year. Their creativity, energy, and contributions to the Peer Advisors and Mentors program were exceptional.

Other Awards

The James D. Crump Prize: Fiona Claire Lynch

The Epps Award: Nicole Elizabeth Ackerman

The Award in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Cory Yep Labov; Chloe Lubin

The Award in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies: Alexis Naomi Fennell

The George Matthews Modlin Book Award for Student Book Collection: Damian Tyler Hondares

The Clarence J. Gray Achievement Awards for Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership: Chelsey N. Davidson

The E. Bruce Heilman Leadership Award: Ivana Michelle Marshall

The James MacGregor Burns Award: Liang-Yun Cheng

The Myra Daleng Dance Award: Kylie Jordan McCormick

Academic Honors

Jepson School of Leadership Studies Banner Bearer Gray Award: Liang-Yun Cheng; Chelsey N. Davidson

Department Honors

Leadership Studies: Elizabeth Ann Bodalski

Anthropology: Emily Grace Gove

Mathematics: Fiona Claire Lynch

Phi Beta Kappa

Nicole Elizabeth Ackerman

Chelsey N. Davidson

Madeleine Gabrielle Eldred

Emily Grace Gove

Caroline Wilson Weber

Beta Gamma Sigma (Robins School of Business)

Liang-Yun Cheng

Arianna Rachelle Ciufo

Student Commencement Speakers

Chelsey N. Davidson